The new SMS version 7 software

Where to use the SMS script

Internet service providers to be added as a service to services provided to Internet subscribers
Internet cafés provide additional income by selling message cards to internet surfers in the same café
Companies that want to increase communication with their customers so that several users can be allocated and given each user a specific message balance used to communicate with customers
Marketing and promotion companies create accounts for marketers and distributors to send new offers
Advertising and promotional companies
Universities and institutes that are able to communicate with their students easily as well as the possibility to send messages collectively allocated, which can be sent 100 messages, for example, to 100 students and each message contains the mark of a material or more material easily and one batch
For those wishing to open their own business and increase their income
For those wishing to increase visitors to their site by adding SMS service
And many useful ideas that can be applied

Please contact us to inquire about any feature you would like and you can request a link to the trial version to see the full and practical on the script
We have over 12 years of experience in the field of programming, SMS applications and applications. Do not hesitate to contact us for any queries

The script supports the following security measures, so as not to exploit the service for bad purposes

Control the name of the sender and install or open it
Register the IP address of the subscriber and the IP number from which the message was sent
The activation code of the subscriber’s mobile is sent to verify the identity of the subscriber, even if his / her number is not required
We can allow the subscriber to have the sender’s name as their registered mobile number
Easily monitor outgoing messages and filter them by user or by date
The possibility of knowing the sent message was done in any way via the site, application or API
Filter for words entered for not sending
Check code when you log on
Full control of members from stopping, suspending and controlling the balance
More site-specific security extensions

And many premium features with support for the latest language versions