The new SMS version 7 software

The main advantages of the user account in the SMS script version 7

  • Control Profile
  • Shipping the balance through the bank or paypal or credit card through CO 2
  • Send SMS to people
  • Send SMS to groups
  • Send SMS from Excel file
  • Send SMS to closed ad groups
  • New – Control the amount of messages that can be sent so that you can put what fits the balance of the user in the absence of sufficient credit for the whole campaign
    Send multiple messages such as invoices, student marks or personal messages – Variable messages
  • Create Ready Messages
  • Directory of groups and individuals
  • Backup and backup – soon
  • Archive and status of messages sent with the date of transmission, the sender’s name and the cost
  • Report on the user’s shipping operations and the movement of the balance in detail
  • Control the name of the sender if the administrator allows
    The possibility of transmission from the registered mobile number in case the administrator allows this according to the gates
  • Activation of the account via
  • activation code when registering for mobile
  • The possibility of using names for transmission if registered by the site administrator
  • Support for long messages in both languages by country and portal used
  • Create subaccounts controlled by the master account with attributes that share the sender name and groups closed
  • Blog built – in script to manage news and articles
  • The possibility of forming sections within the blog
  • Create additional lists and pages within the user account
  • The interfaces are built with HTML5 + twitter bootstrap
  • Support all screen measurements Responsive
  • New – Arabic and English user interface support
  • New – An ad banner that appears inside the user account
  • New – Various alerts appear within the user account
  • New – record movement of detailed balance for shipping, dispatch and conversion
  • New – Detailed sending statistics
  • New – Display the validity date of the balance if the validity of the manager is set
  • New – Find the numbers on the sender page
  • New – Ability to request the sender’s name from the sender page
  • New – Display your favorite messages with the transmitter screen
  • New – feature of subsequent transmission
  • New – Frequent delivery daily – weekly – monthly – yearly
  • New – Send from the entered numbers and groups or directory addresses and from the Excel file at the same time
  • New – speed of processing of the transmitter and calculating the cost
  • New – Outbox
  • New – Archive of sent messages
  • New – Archive of details of messages sent with advanced search in all details
  • New – Re-send feature from message archive
  • New – export archive
    · New import support for Excel – Noor system for groups
  • New – Allow replication feature when importing for groups
  • New – Remove duplicates from groups
  • New – Increase the import speed 50 times
  • New – Technical support system developed by tickets
  • New – feature alert me to flags near the end of the balance
  • New – Subscribe to ads in multiple categories with pre-set labels
  • New – Display the number of alerts and text at the top of the user account
  • New – Display the number of support cards open at the top of the user account
    Featured statistics panel
    Many important additions and improvements in performance and speed