The new SMS version 7 software


The most important features of the management panel and control of the script SMS version 7

The general statistics panel contains the following data:

  • New – Number of successful, failed and unknown messages with links to archives
  • New – Possibility to re – send messages immediately, according to unknown or failed or all
  • New – A graphical curve for successful, failed, and unknown messages for the last 30 days
  • New – Users statistics from the number of all, the operator and the non-active
  • New – The statistics of the names of the transmitters are activated, rejected and waiting
  • New – Statistics of stocks sold, quantity expended and quantity remaining
  • New – Directory Directory Statistics The number of groups and the number of digits
  • New – Messages reports and status by country
  • New – Statistics and status of portals added
  • New – Debt statistics are number and value with their links
  • New – Statistics of negative balances and their value
  • New – Statistics on balances that are close to expiration
  • New – Latest shipping requests
  • New – Last 10 Users Login
  • New – Last 10 Users Register
  • General site settings include:
  • Site Name – Site Timing – Free Balance Setup – Default Language
  • New – Select Template External Site – Blocked Words – Activate and Close Blog
  • New – Site Description – Keywords – google analytics code
  • New – Text and Site URL Rights – Open and close the Noor System – Mailing List Settings
  • New – Revoke and cancel the blog feature
  • New – Enable and disable the visual verification code
  • New – Control the blocking of users when the number of failed attempts attempts
  • New – The balance control feature is available to allow the user to request the name of the sender
  • New – Control the import speed of Excel according to the power of the server
  • The default sender name for site notifications
  • The default sender name for users
    New – Email settings for the site
  • Open and close the site for users to register and send
  • Open Allow mobile number to be used as a sender
  • Allow the transmission from the database
  • The length of the interferometer
  • Virtual transmitter gateway
  • Number of excerpts of the message
  • New – Control the sending of emails through phpmail – SMTP – Amazon SES – Gmail
  • PayPal and 2CO accounts
  • New – Settings for social networking links and Twitter
  • New – Receiving management alerts for bank shipment, site entry, requesting sender’s name and failed entry to the administration from the number, email, and type of notification.
  • New – Set up contact information from phone, e-mail, address and working hours in both languages
  • New – Adjust the price picture tracks for mobile app licenses
  • New – Set API IDs for Google services, verification code, Facebook and mailing list
  • New – Download the site logo with three labels
    HTTP port forwarding settings include the addition of portals, sender and balance links, gateway data, gateway responses, type of encoding, speed of gate transmission, type of post-get transmission, activation and deactivation of gate and gate deletion
  • New – Soon – * SMPP port forwarding settings including name, IP address, port, status, and replies
    New – Soon – * Settings for gateways of type nexmo to send voice messages
  • Country settings include
  • New – Control of countries that do not register
  • New – Activate the countries allowed to send them by users and allow them to be sent
    Linking countries to the portal or to a specific portal
  • Connect networks to a specific gateway
  • Ability to set the gate according to the network code
  • New – Set the country price at the country level, network or icon
    Specify the minimum and maximum length of the mobile number
  • New – administrator settings and accounts include the addition of administrators to administer the site and give them specific powers and there are four categories of defaults to the supervisors are the webmaster – technical support – sales – monitoring and can identify new categories as needed and give them the desired powers of each supervisor
  • Failed login attempts to manage site with IP address, time and login data used by username and password
    Record blocked numbers to prevent users on the site from sending them
  • New – Payment Plans The payment plan and its type includes the number of points, quantity, method and type of currency according to USD, EUR, SAR, JOD, KWD, AED, QAR, SYP, EGP, LYR
    Blocked numbers to block the location of the transmitter to specific numbers
  • New – Notification messages is a feature that allows full and flexible control of the notifications sent by the site to users via text messages or emails with the suspension and activation of any notification and mechanism of deduction of the balance from the user account or management and according to the following categories:
  • New – Accept sender name – Type of notification SMS – Email – SMS and email – without notice
    New – Reject sender name – Notification type SMS – Email – SMS and email – without notice
  • New – Accept shipping request – Type of notification SMS – Email – SMS and email – without notice
  • New – Reject shipping request – Type of notification SMS – Email – SMS and email – without notice
  • New – Balance transfer – Type notification SMS – Email – SMS and email – without notice
  • New – Receiving credit – Type of notification SMS – Email – SMS and email – without notice
  • New – reply to ticket technical support – type notification SMS – email – SMS and email – without notice
  • New – service alert me – type notification SMS – Email – SMS and email – without notice
  • New – Mobile Number Verification – Notification Type SMS – Email – SMS & Email – without notice
  • New – Check mail